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Join the next chapter in city-to-resident communication. Deliver official information across your community in real-time via the Simplicity Platform.

Free Meals For our Youth
Available Every Weekday Through August 6.
Cole Avenue detour
Starts July 19 for road reconstruction
Simplicity Autopilot

Simplicity automatically collects information from your website and delivers important updates to community members in Simplicity App based on relevancy and personal preferences.

Custom content

Enrich your communication by publishing custom content alongside automatically collected updates from your website.

Targeted notifications

Send notifications to draw attention to an important update. Choose your audience and target residents based on interests & location.


Collect, categorize and assign suggestions for improvements to the right people. Listen to your community and learn what matters to them.


Spread the word about events your organize, get residents interested, send reminders and get together to connect as a community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Simplicity source content?

We research information available on official websites or on social media (official profiles). We do thorough due diligence on all sources. This information is in real-time published in Simplicity App and delivered directly to residents. Simplicity Autopilot software takes care of everything. To get published in Simplicity, Cities & Public agencies do not have to do anything.

In what cities is Simplicity present?

We are always onboarding new cities. When you download the Simplicity App, you see a list of cities. These are the cities where residents receive all the relevant, local information sourced from the leaders they know and trust. All in Simplicity App. No ads. No fake news. Delivered in real-time. Always accessible on their phones.

Does Simplicity cooperate with cities & public agencies?

Yes! Any city or public agency is welcome to partner with us. We are a communication channel, a safe space for residents to get relevant local information. Partnering cities & agencies can access Admin Dashboard and publish information themselves. There are valuable insights and statistics in Admin Dashboard as well.

To save time & resources, you can opt for Simplicity Autopilot. The Autopilot automatically feeds updates, announcements & events from your website and social media into Simplicity App.

Can I add an announcement or event to Simplicity? How?

Publish an update or an event on your website or social media. Simplicity Autopilot will find it and deliver it to residents in the Simplicity App. You can also contact the Customer Success Dept. at

How long does it take to bring Simplicity App to our city?

Contact our Customer Success Dept. at, and you can be up and running in 7 days.

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