Why Simplicity Beats Traditional Channels

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Simplicity is the modern communication channel for municipalities in the
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vs. Social Media

Today, disinformation and hoaxes are more dangerous than ever. On social media, the municipality has no control over the narrative, information can get lost in tons of other posts, and it's impossible to create a closed community of residents. You are dependent on algorithms that change without warning, and ads are too expensive to run.

As opposed to social media, where hate and disinformation are spread heavily, the Simplicity application is a place for constructive feedback and real-life suggestions from real people.
Zuzana Aufrichtova
Mayor of Bratislava-Old Town

vs. Website

How many municipality websites have you come across that were mobile-friendly? Today, when everyone's on their phone, it's a UX nightmare. The issue is also with all the irrelevant sections that the user needs to click or search through to get to the desired destination. Our survey says it all: we asked the participants “Have you visited the municipality website in the last 3 months?”. 87 percent answered “no”.

In the past, municipal broadcasting kept us updated. Today, we can have all the relevant information literally in our pockets.
Rudolf Kusy
Mayor of Bratislava-Nove Mesto

vs. Bulletin Boards/Local Broadcast

Do we even need to talk about these outdated options? As a municipality, you need to look into the future. You need to be ready for the communication of the 21st century – on the internet, real-time, responsive, staying on the screens and in the residents' hands. Sure, you can keep the bulletin board or local broadcasting if you want to, but a simple communication app like Simplicity will do that job much better.

vs. Email/SMS

Emails require expensive maintenance and come with too many privacy concerns. And really, how many times have you read a newsletter instead of deleting it right away, considering it to be spam? Other downsides of both emails and texts are low reach, purely informative character and a lack of interactive features.

With Simplicity

Residents only get what they are interested in & notifications are targeted

You can integrate 3rd party smart-city systems (public transport / parking / trash bins / payments / etc.)

Mutual communication is open, transparent, flexible, and most importantly, efficient

Information is verified, relevant, timely and comes only from official sources

The municipality is in control of the narrative

One step closer to your residents.