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Did you know that 63% of media and news consumed on smartphones are accessed through applications instead of browsers? Read the article.

That’s why Simplicity is on a mission to integrate all conventional communication channels into one app.

Let’s make the lives of your residents a little easier

Municipalities Struggle

Our research shows 3 shortcomings when it comes to communication between municipalities and their residents.

  • Relying on outdated channels and not being where the citizens are – on their smartphones
  • Developing a city's custom solution is over the budget and takes months to implement and deploy
  • Lack of (or inaccurate, incomplete, and false) data about citizens' real needs
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Simplify the life of your residents

Digital transformation

Simplicity substitutes outdated technology like local broadcasting, newspapers, bulletin boards, or websites, replacing them with a modern mobile app for the citizens and an admin system for the municipal office.

Affordable technology

Our system is affordable for cities and municipalities of all sizes, and it can be implemented and deployed within days.

Communication platform

The Simplicity app provides multiple modules for residents to express their suggestions and communicate proactively with the municipal office and among each other.

Creating the Simplicity Effect

Use Simplicity to your advantage and set off the so-called Simplicity effect.

As the municipality office gets closer to its residents, it strengthens transparency and trust, improving the overall living conditions in the city while also boosting citizen engagement.

This reinforces your popularity and credibility as a mayor who truly cares about the life and people of the city, leading to more residents downloading the Simplicity app and further increasing citizens' engagement.

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What you'll get with Simplicity

Mobile App and Admin System

As a Simplicity customer, you'll get a customized and modern mobile app for your residents and a user-friendly desktop admin system for the municipality office to manage the content and application features.

Range of Features and Modules

Extensive range of features and modules to choose from, offering your citizens the functionalities they need – from offline newspapers to polls, suggestions, and much more.

Data Intelligence

Use historical data about what interests your citizens and target them with relevant content only.

System Integrations

Simplicity application can serve as an integration platform where you can unite all existing city systems already deployed in your municipality.


When implementing Simplicity, in addition to targeted advertising on social media networks, you will receive help in the form of graphic and promotional materials that will help increase your reach and the app’s downloads.

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