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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get Simplicity into our city?

If you represent the municipality, just click here to register and fill out a short contact form. Then we will contact you and arrange either a joint personal meeting or a video conference call where we will show you how Simplicity would work in your city.

How much would Simplicity cost our city / municipality?

Simplicity's pricing policy is individual and depends on the population of the municipality and the number of selected functionalities. For more info call our sales representative: +16504603218. Alternatively, you can fill out our register form and we will contact you shortly.

How long would it take you to deploy Simplicity in our city?

You can try Simplicity right away at the joint meeting or conference call with our sales representatives. The application can be deployed within a couple of days.

How will residents learn about the application in our city?

Quite simply. When deploying Simplicity, in addition to targeted advertising on social media networks in the area, the municipality receives help in form of graphic materials to support the app’s downloads and marketing campaign.

How is the content filled within Simplicity?

Thanks to our technology, we are able to automatically add all the content from your website to the city’s Simplicity mobile app, saving city employees time and resources.

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