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Protect yourself against misinformation

Stay up to date with local updates from official sources only. Delivered based on your preferences.

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Construction Update40m ago
Starts September 9 for road
Updated Covid-19 Guidelines34m ago
Guidelines for vaccinated and
unvaccinated people.

Always have the right information

Get notifications about official updates, events, activities, and initiatives in your city
without having to search through multiple different platforms.

Official announcements & updates

Announcements and updates about your city from local institutions such as town hall, police or fire department, library, sports center, and many others.

List of events

Up-to-date information about interesting events taking place in your city.

Smart, personalized notifications

Immediate notifications from local institutions delivered based on your interests and preferences.

Community wall

Have an idea how to improve your city? Submit it in the app and let other users vote & raise awareness about the issue.

Official sources only

All of the updates come strictly from verified official sources to prevent the spread of misinformation.

Be the first to know

Download the Simplicity app and be the first to know about news,
updates, announcements, and events in your city.

Simplicity for Public Agencies

Sign your agency onto the Simplicity platform to protect your residents against misinformation and improve civic engagement.

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