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Reviews 11 • Great

I have been using this app for a little over half a year and really enjoy it. I honestly have no complaints; it’s the only news app I’ve used consistently.

Nicholas Miles

Finally a personalized local news app! They don’t spam you with excessive emails or notifications, and the best part you personalize it to your interests and location! I will 100% recommended this app to anyone that wants to stay informed locally.

Pascel Courtabessis

This is a really good app for news from a variety of local sources. It has kept me informed since moving to a new state. It allows me to stay up to date here in my new home.

Ella Murray

I like that I can get the news reported without bias. There are enough news agencies out there who slant the news. I like to make up my own mind, just give me the facts.

Donna Munoz

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